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margarita necklace

margarita necklace

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The Margarita necklace is a one of a kind statement piece. It is made light green jade,  six vintage coins, and a traditional Chachal. The circumference of the inner necklace measures 21", the middle strand is 22", and the outer is 25". 

The light green Jade used in this Heirloom Necklace is sourced from a small family owned business in Guatemala that has been mining jade for generations. Mining Jade is a very meticulous process of striking large stones and boulders to find ones that give off a specific tone. When the miners hear these tones, they know they have found Jade. In Mayan culture, Light Jade has been used as a symbol for prosperity and success, and a conduit to bring dreams into reality.

The Chachal is of extreme significance to the heritage of the Mayan people and has evolved through the centuries. In pre-Colombian times within Mayan culture, the Chachal was worn by men and women as a way to portray status and wealth, as well as a reflection of one’s own connection to the divine. When the Spaniards arrived in what is now South America, amidst much conflict, assimilation of both cultures intertwined around each other, and the cultural significance of the Chachal evolved. The Chacales are made with low grade silver which will patina or can be easily polished. The heirloom collection is meant to honor this history, and the importance it has had for the Mayan people, as it has been passed down through generations, with the hope of continuing the legacy for many generations to come.

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